Braga, Papachristos, Hureau (2012): The Effects of Hot Spots Policing on Crime

This is a literature study extrapolating data from a number of academic studies of the effect of increased policing of so-called crime “hot spots” identified by historic data. 19 studies containing 25 tests of hot spots policing interventions were identified and full narratives of these studies are reported. A formal meta-analysis is conducted to determine the crime prevention effects in the eligible studies. 20 of 25 tests of hot spots policing interventions reported noteworthy crime and disorder reductions. The meta-analysis of key reported outcome measures revealed a small statistically significant mean effect size favoring the effects of hot spots policing in reducing citizen calls for service in treatment places relative to control places. The effect was smaller for randomized designs but still statistically significant and positive. When displacement and diffusion effects were measured, unintended crime prevention benefits were associated with the hot spots.